About Alumni Association

We, at Mewa Vanguard Business School College believe in holistic education that goes beyond achieving academic excellence, and vocational training. Due to the excellent rapport shared by our faculty members with alumni, we are able to make a strong bonding and network between the alumni and the institute. Our alumni have established themselves as successful individuals in almost every field of their lives and we are extremely proud of them. We have our alumni all over the country, who have kept the name of our college high since its beginning. MVBS College Alumni often cite the foundation they received here as key to their success in life.

The Motto of Alumni Association is to create a platform for the mutual growth of alumni and the institution.

The main objectives of the Association are:

The college has created a weblink (on college website) to register the alumni all over the world and to make them the part of Alumni database. Apart from that, members of Alumni Association regularly contact and update their Alumni regarding the various activities through official emails and social networking groups.

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