Managing Committee

The People Person: For more than 16 years, he has consistently delivered results rising up to the challenges, tackling even the most demanding situations. A natural people person, he builds strong relationships with students and staff, fostering a positive and productive environment. His decisive nature shines when faced with critical choices, ensuring timely and effective solutions.
The Seasoned Master: She has worn many hats in her 24-year career, excelling in each role. For the past 9 years, she has thrived in challenging educational positions, from networking with institutions and corporates to guiding students on career paths and placements. Her diverse skills have contributed significantly to the smooth and successful functioning of the institution.
The Globetrotting entrepreneur: This young entrepreneur, a seasoned globetrotter with 16 years of experience across diverse industries like hospitality, construction, and healthcare in both the Middle East and India, brings a unique perspective and dynamic skillset to our venture. His proven ability to navigate complex environments and succeed in multiple sectors makes him a valuable asset to our team.