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PG and UG Degree from Bangalore

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PG and UG Degree from Bangalore 

 Today in a metropolitan city like Bangalore which is making news in the world map for technological and entrepreneurial l ecosystems, University Degree plays a very important role. Moreover Bangalore is ranked as the IT and BT capital of the world , according to the World Economic Forum, and is among the most dynamic cities globally. Youngsters are challenged to bring out the best in them. 

 Degree for a successful career 

 Attaining a degree from a good university college is one of the top sought-after milestones for the students. Whether to become an entrepreneur or to find a suitable placement with a good package, college also strives to get a good academic score. 

 While the degree of the person is a key to a successful career, a professional certificate adds onto the profile and makes the person more competitive in the race to succeed quickly. Taking reference from the columns of, we found that 91% of students and 92% of employers in India believe that professional certificates can help in getting jobs. This statement is a result derived out of a survey done by Coursera, an online learning platform in association with the market research companies Dynata and Repdata.

 The Success Mantra

 “Have an aim in life, continuously acquire knowledge, work hard, and have the perseverance to realise the great life”

 ~ Dr A.P.J Abdul Kalam 

 Investing time in Learning and Development will help students to have more confidence, determination and work hard to explore the goals in the subjects they have specialized. And to open the door of wide opportunities. 

Bangalore is the city of opportunities. Despite its cost and rigors, an MBA degree and UG degree remains a valuable investment for many individuals seeking to advance their careers. It provides students with the knowledge, skills, and connections necessary to succeed in a rapidly changing business landscape. 

MEWA VBS, Jayanagar is affiliated to Bengaluru City University and Approved by AICTE , Government Of India. The fundamental goal of this institution is to provide quality education and comprehensive learning environment to help the students realize their strengths. The curriculum is a balanced blend of academics and extra-curricular activities which facilitates a holistic development and transformation of the students into confident and passionate individuals. Whether pursuing entrepreneurship or climbing the corporate ladder, an MBA and UG degree help individuals achieve their goals and reach their full potential for good placement.