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BBA International Logistics &
Supply Chain Management

BBA is an undergraduate programme, affiliated to Bengaluru City University. Apart from the prescribed University Syllabus, we offer various Value-Added Programmes and Certificate Courses to make students competent in this competitive world. The Education imparted at MEWA VBS mould the aspirants into capable and responsible human beings.
Students are given an insight into the management techniques prevailing in the corporate world. It exposes students to a variety of subjects: Accounting, Business Law and Ethics, Economics, Finance, Management Information System, Marketing, Strategic Management including logistics and supply chain management.

We offer state-of-the-art business education and provides opportunities for personal development and professional growth.
The entire course is outcome based and faculty are sensitive to ensure that the outcome for each course is defined well at the beginning of the programme and shared with each student through course handouts. This ensures expectation setting is taken care of between the learner and the teacher. Interactive lectures, pedagogy that is evolving, assignments and assessments ensure that all students achieve the specified outcomes. The role of our faculty thus is more of a mentor, facilitator and learning is outcome based. MEWA VBS aims at becoming one of the best colleges in India.


A variety of teaching and learning methods are used to impart knowledge and skills of the students, lecturers, Case studies, Group discussion, Student’s presentations, Class tests, Quizzes etc are used to develop conceptual and analytical skill so that students can face the challenges of corporate world.

Test & Preparatory

Test- Every Wednesday one Subject test based upon the syllabus covered in that week. Preparator-Will be conducted for the entire syllabus. It will be the replica of the university exam. 20 marks would be allotted for internal assessment.


Taken at the end of the semester for every subject. The students should maintain a minimum attendance of 75% in every subject.

75% to 80% =04 marks
81% to 85% =06 marks
86% to 90% =08 marks
91% to 100% =10 marks

10 marks would be allotted for internal assessment.

Value Addition

learning program


Life skills Training

logistics and supply
chain management

Industrial visits

Cargo Vessel visit

LSC certificate

Guest lectures
from the corporateg

placement training
and placement driv

Optional international internship to Dubai for one month*