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BCA International

MEWA’s BCA is an undergraduate programme, affiliated with Bengaluru City University. The curriculum is rightly tuned for the holistic development of the students and aims at nurturing them as proficient computer professionals. As the Top BCA college in jayanagar, MEWA has a dedicated faculty and experts from the IT industry, guiding the students. Being the best BCA Colleges in Bangalore, MEWA has an exclusive and well-equipped lab for the department with a network of computers and softwares installed. The course exposes the students to industry-relevant subjects like DBMS, Multimedia, Data Structure, Languages like C++, JAVA, VC++, VB, Networking, Software Programming, etc. MEWA strives to create a centre of excellence in computer science and applications. We try to meet the requirements of IT sectors and incorporate innovative & experiential training methods.

Artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence has played a very prominent role, AI has been gaining more popularity due to the recent advances in the field of artificial intelligence and machine learning. Machine learning is that sphere of artificial intelligence where the machines are responsible for ending daily chores and are believed to be smarter than humans. Robotics and integration with IoT devices have made machines think and work on a whole new level where they outsmart humans with their intellectual abilities and smartness. They have been known to learn, adapt and perform in a much faster way than what humans are supposed and programmed to do. In this article, we are going to read about the vast importance of artificial intelligence.
These technologies are a great asset to humans and are programmed to reduce human effort as much as possible. They tend to possess the capability to work in an automated fashion. Therefore, manual intervention is the last thing that could be asked for or seen while operating parts associated with this technology. These machines tend to speed up your tasks and processes along with a guaranteed level of precision and accuracy, and therefore this is what makes them a useful and important tool. Apart from making the world an error-free place with their simple and everyday techniques, these technologies and applications are not only related to our general and everyday lives. It is also impacting and holds importance for other domains as well.

Test & Preparatory

Test- Every Wednesday one Subject test based on the syllabus covered in that week.
Preparatory-Will is conducted for the entire syllabus. It will be a replica of the university exam. 20 marks would be allotted for internal assessment.


Taken at the end of the semester for every subject. The students should maintain a minimum attendance of 75% in every subject.

75% to 80% =04 marks
81% to 85% =06 marks
86% to 90% =08 marks
91% to 100% =10 marks

10 marks would be allotted for internal assessment.

Value Addition

AI /ML Data Sciences

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Life Skills Training

Communication Training

Guest Lectures from IT Industry

Placement Training