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Green Campus

MEWA VBS Campus is a green and clean campus that infuses positive vibes throughout. Apart from its strikingly cool environment, the college has taken the following initiatives to make its campus eco-friendly

Garden – To help to reduce the carbon footprint of buildings by filtering pollutants and carbon dioxide out of the air, and benefits those living nearby as the quality of the air is improved.

Rainwater Harvesting – To make the students realize that every drop counts.

Solar Lamp Post – To create an awareness about renewable energy resources

LED Lights in Labs – To reduce the greenhouse gasses effect as well as save energy.


Being the Silicon Valley of India, Bangalore is renowned for several of its characteristics, such as its beautiful gardens, countless lakes, and cultural diversity. As the city is situated at an elevation of 900m on the Deccan plateau, Bangalore has one of the highest altitudes blessing the city with the wonderful atmosphere it has.
For students, Bangalore is a paradise. Hundreds of colleges all over the city, numerous opportunities to get placed in renowned companies and even the startup culture in Bangalore is in full bloom.


Jayanagar is an opulent residential area located in the southern end of Bangalore. Prospered with both commercial and institutional establishments, Jayanagar is one of the first south Bengaluru locality to go modern. Jayanagar is also renowned for several of its prestigious educational institutes, such as IIM Bangalore and Christ University.


Various cultural competitions like Dance, Skits, Singing, Rock – bands, Mad Ads to mention a few, are performed here. It is also the venue of many programs like course orientations, Inspirational talks, and Graduation ceremonies. This place is always occupied by students who can be seen practicing for various upcoming events and is also the platform where they develop healthy competition and new contacts.

Library & Resource Centre

As an institution, at the forefront of knowledge enrichment and dissemination of knowledge, catering to the academic needs of students, the library has put in place enormous knowledge resources. Trained and experienced library staff assist the faculty and students with point-of-use instructions, helping in fulfilling the thirst for knowledge. The library provides an environment that is both stimulating and relaxing for academic exercise.

Computer Laboratories

Labs are equipped with more than forty desktop computer systems (Intel i5 6th gen. 8 GB ram 256ssd Full HD monitors). The latest configurations for BCA and MCA courses are available. In addition, LCD projectors facilitate the faculty members for emanating information to the student community. Hardware and Software configurations are upgraded at regular intervals to be on par with the dynamically changing IT world. The Labs are very well utilized fruitfully for knowledge transformation. Wi-Fi Computer

Surveillance Enabled Computer

In today’s digitized society which could be vulnerable, it is extremely important to spruce up the surveillance 24/7/365. Cameras were deployed all over the classrooms, laboratories, libraries, seminar hall and common areas thereby ensuring a vigilant campus. We make no compromise to ensure security. The very existence of CCTV surveillance prevents any untoward incidents and makes the students feel safe


Our Auditorium with a comfortable seating arrangement that can accommodate sufficient people. It also has a stage that is apt for various performances. This place is always occupied by students who can be seen practicing for various upcoming events and is also the platform where they develop healthy competition and new contacts.


The classroom is not just a room with desks and a blackboard. Rather it is a place with teaching-learning pedagogy that is influenced by various external environmental factors such as light, fresh air and cool ambience. Classrooms can accommodate 60 students. MBA classrooms are airconditioned with a wireless internet connection that can enable and optimize the delivery of content from the web online using real-time data. They are also equipped with a whiteboard, highresolution overhead projector and a


The classroom is not just a room with The College hostel facilities are designed to give the feeling of a second home to students. It’s a place where students learn to live independently and socially at the same time. Separate hostel facilities for boys and girls with round the clock security is available at a walkable distance from the college. Well trained and experienced wardens are stationed in the hostel to oversee the activities. A combination of Veg & Non-veg cuisine is served with


Determination, focus, team spirit seasoned with grit and guts are what best describes a Sportsman. Encouragement, motivation, and support are extended through the Sports Quota to deserving students while enriching their academic endeavours too at the same time. We aim at transforming students into professionals under the guidance of the college.